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Integral Business Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Life Centre.

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Integral Business Centre Supporting business owners who are ready to scale their business to the next level and start-up businesses design for success.

Support in ensuring businesses will scale and managing cultural change..

A range of on-line and supported courses for organisations of all sizes.

Available August 2015

Executive Coaching for Business Owners and senior managers.

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Coaching Business Support Create a Team Learn On-Line
Coaching Support for Your Business
Coaching supports both the business and the business owner. It brings a fresh perspective and support for what are often difficult decisions.
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Drive Your Business to the Next Level
Many businesses fail to scale or grow because they have have a flawed basic business plan. We can help you design your business for success.
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Develop a Collaborative Team
"We are all imperfect leaders" remarked Ichak Adizes. We can help you build the collabrative team you will need to scale your business and grow.
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On-Line Courses, Many Free
We offer a range of on-line courses to support businesses at all levels. Many of the courses are FREE to use. Become a member of our learning community.
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