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Integral Business Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Life Centre.

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About us The Integral Business Centre has been established to support both business and business owners scale to the next level of activity. It offers a range of services tailored to the needs of organisations of all sizes. ,.

Many new businesses fail to get started or established businesses fail to scale because of flaws in marketing or cash-management.


We can help you develop a very clear business plan designed for success. We will also support business owners develop the additional skills needed to grow as their business develops.

The growth of the business and that of the individuals involved are interlinked.

We can offer additional resources of Personal Growth through our Integral Life Centre and we will offer an on-line business academy Digital-Ed (Available May 2015).

Business Support

We have provided business support for SMEs who are wanting to grow to the next level. We provide support on marketing, cash-flow and on building a collaborative executive team. We have experience with cultural change support for organisations in all sectors..

Workshops & On-Line Courses

We have run workshops on many aspects of  marketing, leadership, change-management, business strategy and planning during the last ten years. This year sees the launch of our on-line academy for business owners Digital-Ed. where we will offer a wide range of courses. (Available August 2015)


We offer an executive coaching and leadership mentoring service to individuals, and business owners. Our clients include executives within multi-national companies as well as owner-managers of startups and SMEs.

In 2014 the Integral Life Centre won the Rachel Elnaugh award for Enterprise. This was presented by Saira Khan in recognition for our work developing our on-line digital platform.