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Startup Support

The highest rate of business births is amongst single owner/manager companies with no employees.  40% of these fail  within their first three years.  Of those that survive, very few scale beyond five employees.  The Integral Business Centre can provide support and guidance through the initial startup phase to ensure scaling into a mature business.

Many failures are caused by inadequate research and poor business planning. We can help you prepare a detailed business plan which ensures that the business is aware of What it is going to sell to Whom. How it is going to be produced, at What price and How it will be delivered in a way which is profitable. Much of this core information can be presented on a one page Lean Business Canvas, once adequate research has been done.  We can help businesses plan for success.

We can help startup businesses prepare a marketing plan to build a customer base, whatever sector they are working in.  Digital marketing is imperative to quickly create customer awareness and to start funds flowing.

Entrepreneurship is often seen as the essential core skill necessary for business success. Entrepreneurship is essential but nor sufficient for a business to survive in the current business environment. It can be sufficient to launch a business but it quickly needs to be supported by Administration skills and the ability to Produce.

For a business to scale then a collaborative team is quickly required. This may be through outsourced assets if it is not appropriate to take on additional employees.  External financial support, marketing and product fulfilment may all be part of the mix.  We can provide essential support to ensure a sustainable business.

Lean Business Canvas Startup Failures