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Scaleup Support

Recent statistics show that businesses which are started by a single entrepreneur often struggle to scale into a mature business with more that 5 employees despite the turnover being substantially higher/employee the more a business scales.

The business and change commentator, Ichak Adizes, is quoted as saying that “We are all imperfect leaders” which is really the clue.  If we accept that we are imperfect and we do not have all the skills, then we need a collaborative team.

Creating a team too often starts with recruiting family members or friends as employees and partners.  In the initial stages many functions relating to Administration, Marketing, Financial Management, and Product Fulfilment can be outsourced provided the initial business model is robust and designed for success.

With companies such as Google, FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn providing targeted digital marketing the lack of clients is rarely a business problem. The lack of an effective digital marketing strategy too often is.  Clients have become a commodity. If you know precisely whom you want to do business with then you can fid the contacts for a fee. If you know the lifetime value of a new client then you can work out how much you can afford to pay for your new clients.  With referrals this cos can rapidly be radically decreased as long as you provide a great customer experience.

We can help businesses develop their business model to allow scaling into a mature business.  We can help empower existing teams, create new collaborative teams and support the expansion with a marketing strategy which can often be self-funding. Talk to us if you have an existing business which would welcome support to scale.