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The Next Level

St David’s Hotel, Ewloe, CH5 3YB. June 4th

The Next Level workshop

A workshop for business owners who wish to take both their business and themselves to the "Next Level". Learn how to ensure that your business expansion is designed for success and how to create greater mental toughness so you can achieve your success in a sustainable way. A workshop presented by The Integral Business Centre and Kogan Coaching.

You will learn how to ensure that your business will progress when you launch a new business or move an existing business to the "Next Level".

You will be shown tools to build your own personal mental toughness which ensures that you can support your business in a healthy and sustainable way.  Your registration will include continuing on-line support after the workshop itself together with additional resources.

We will support you in designing your business for success in a way that you can  enjoy and sustain.  Come and join us!


Marina Kogan,  Kogan Coaching

Ian McDonald, Integral Business Centre


deep change Certification Class SQ21

The Integral Business Centre is proud to support Deep Change in Europe and to be a part of the certification training for Coaches in the SQ21 inventory to measure 21 competencies of Spiritual Intelligence.

If you are an executive coach and are interested in bringing Spiritual Intelligence to your clients then you should be in London on September 23rd to 25th.   Full details on link below.