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Personal coaching for executives and business owners is available with a package designed to meet your needs and circumstances.

Our clients include individuals who want to develop their careers with multi-national companies through to business owners who need support in developing business strategies for growth, succession planning or simply require some support in achieving a work/life balance.

We have clients across a wide geographical area who take advantage of modern technology independent of their location or time zone.

We have over 40 years of experience with working with private companies and over ten years of providing executive coaching at all levels.

If you feel that you would like to talk through the possibility please use the button below to email us and to discuss how we might help.

Our service is totally confidential and your initial consultation is completely free of charge or commitment.

Our charges start from just £350 per month and are fully guaranteed.

Executive Coaching

Company Support and Cultural Change

The most common issues that we help business owners with are:


Cash Flow Management

Building an Executive Team

Dealing with Expansion

Culture Change

We will sit down with business owners, directors or trustees to examine the fundamental business model and ensure that it is designed for success. If the company is looking to expand or move to “The Next Level” then we will help create both the strategy and the collaborative team that will ensure growth.

We have supported companies who have faced difficult situations when emerging from the recent period of recession. They have found themselves with plenty of enquiries but are short of working capital or have a depleted leadership team. We have helped companies manage periods of rapid growth and we have worked with organisations who wish to change the existing culture to one which better matches a climate of conscious business.

We are here to help, so please use the email button below to contact us in the first instance. We look forward to meeting with you.

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Digital-Ed our online business academy is currently in Beta testing and will be available from May 2015.

Our “The Next Level” workshop is designed for business owners who wish to take an established business to the “Next Level”. In association with Kogan Coaching we will be running this event which supports both the business and the owner through a growth step. It is also suitable for start-ups who wish to become established.  Make sure your project is designed for success.

“The Next Level” Workshop